Posted 04.22.17 / Local Produce, People, Places

Reducing our carbon footprint

Happy Earth Day!

Tonight we mark the occasion with a dinner by candlelight. However, we have been practicing “green” initiatives at the restaurant for some time.

Over the years we have switched to energy efficient lighting and equipment, to reduce energy consumption. In the kitchen, we use surplus vegetables,  meat and fish – typically the parts that are discarded – to make broth. We use this broth for soup, risotto and au jus. Chef Francesco Corcontento has established a food waste procedure and takes pride in ensuring every member of the kitchen has knowledge of the policy. We have invested in equipment like Rational ovens (which uses both dry and moist heat), a food dehydrator, meat grinder and vacuum pack machine to preserve and enhance food usage. Before produce is purchased from local and direct suppliers, we research where each item comes from and who the farmer is. When possible we work with local farmers and producers when designing our menus. From asparagus to lettuces and fish, we have an abundant of food available to us in the Greater Sudbury region.

With warmer weather approaching, we will be planting our herb garden and a few vegetable plants – our hot peppers grow very well in our backyard. To water these plants we will be acquiring rain barrels.

And let us not forget our on-site apiary. Our honeybees are invaluable pollinators, considered the most important pollinators in the Canadian agricultural system.

What green practices have you incorporated into your daily routine?

  • artwork by Alessandro Gregorini