Posted 12.12.17 / Regional Menus

Italian comfort food on a snowy day

When its November and in the middle of a snowstorm,  stay warm and cozy inside with some Italian comfort food.

Nothing brings us more happiness on a snowy day than a plate of pasta, risotto or polenta. And good news! All those dishes are available on our new menu.

Since pasta, risotto and polenta are staples in the Mediterranean diet, they have been available on our menu since we started serving up food in 1994.

For this fall and winter, we have polenta as a side dish and four pasta and risotto dishes that will warm your soul.

How about risotto with saffron and licorice?  Slow simmered vialone nano rice with imported burrata cheese, vegetable brodo and licorice powder transform this classic Italian dish into something extraordinary. 

What about ravioli stuffed with mushrooms? This handmade eggless pasta wrapped around a medley of seasonal mushrooms and finished with coconut butter and a sage emulsion means this  plant-based dish is vegan too.

Of course, you can try a version of these recipes at home. And on a snow day, what better way to keep the kids busy than helping you prepare a meal. 

Here’s an eggless pasta recipe you can try at home:

Note: Boiling fresh pasta takes significantly less time than dry pasta. Depending on the shape, cook for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.


3 cups flour

1 cup warm water

2 tablespoons olive oil


  1. Put flour in large mixing bowl, making a well in the center.
  2. Add wet ingredients to well and very slowly mix together with a fork, incorporating only a little flour at a time. 
  3. Continue kneading by hand for about 10 minutes, let rest for a half hour covered with a towel. Repeat a couple times until dough is smooth and silky, and just slightly sticky.
  4. Shape by hand or with a machine.