Posted 01.11.19 / Local Produce, People, Places

Eat more (local) chocolate!

Now that we have your attention, read on to learn more about the award winning chocolatier we have partnered with for our next special event.

We are thrilled to welcome Lisabeth Flanagan of Ultimately Chocolate to our restaurant January 19 for our Decadence and Drink event. Guests will not only get the chance to try  her fabulous chocolate in sweet and savoury appetizers, paired with drinks and wine, but learn about the bean to bar process. We recently had the opportunity to ask her 5 questions. 
1. How would you describe your business?
Ultimately Chocolate makes chocolate from bean to bar on Manitoulin Island. We start by sorting and roasting cocoa beans gently in order to bring out the most interesting flavours offered by the beans, then we winnow them to remove the husks, and grind and refine the beans for 48 or more hours to achieve smooth chocolate that truly represents the flavours of the terrior of the cocoa beans’ origin. We also make unique confections and pastry using only organic and fair trade chocolate.
2. How did you start your business?
I’ve always loved chocolate, since I was a young child. But when I went to France at age 27 to complete my Masters, I saw what the world of chocolate truly could offer; Europe had an abundance of dark chocolate and all natural flavours. I came back to Canada changed in both my eating habits and dessert choices. I was also determined to bring rich-tasting, all natural desserts and chocolate to Canada.
3. Your business is growing. Explain.
I am expanding production of my bean-to-bar products in 2019 by moving to a larger space and investing in large equipment. In the summer, construction will begin on our new factory which will open in early 2020. We will also be rebranding the business this spring, to the new name Finnia, Inc., which is a combination of my children’s names: Fia and Finn.
4. What is your favourite type of chocolate?
My favourite type of chocolate is dark chocolate, anything over 70% with a strong flavour of the natural origin of the cocoa beans. I like it to be a bit fruity, or have interesting caramel or woody tones, and some acidity to truly feature the notes of cacao.
5. What is your favourite pairing of chocolate and drink?
I like to enjoy a dark chocolate mousse or a piece of pure dark chocolate with a dry red wine. That truly says ‘indulgence’ to me.