Posted 12.13.18 / Cooking classes and dining

A passatelli kind of day!

What, may you ask, is passatelli? 

It’s comfort in a bowl.

A type of rustic pasta, it can be enjoyed two ways: simmered in broth or used in place of a traditional pasta. Originally from Emilia Romania, it has become part of other regional cooking, namely, Le Marche and Umbria.

Formed with breadcrumbs, eggs, Parmigiano, a touch of nutmeg and hint of lemon, the mixture is kneaded by hand and then passed through a potato ricer or meat grinder.

Dropped into a pot of boiling beef or chicken broth, passatelli is perfect on a cold day and a traditional soup enjoyed with family over the holidays.

It’s a favourite dish among the Gregorini children. Alessandro, Chiara and Tommaso taste mostly every batch….we call it quality control!

Look for passatelli on our new menu. You can also learn how to make passatelli in our Regional Cooking Classes when we focus on the cuisine of le Marche, Thursday January 17.