Posted 11.16.17 / Local Produce, People, Places

10 reasons to espresso yourself!

Espresso runs through our veins, inspires and refuels. So naturally we are excited about National Espresso Day on Thursday November 23!

To mark this day we will be offering a special three-course menu using espresso as an ingredient. In the meantime, we would like to spread the joy of our favourite warm drink with this blog post.

Contrary to popular belief, espresso has less caffeine than your regular drip coffee. Did you know that one 2oz double espresso has about 80 milligrams of caffeine whereas a 12 oz brewed coffee has about 120 milligrams?

We asked our staff and customers what they love about this decadent elixir.  This is what they told us: 

  • I can drink it, cook with it and put in in a cocktail.
  • It goes with Sambuca.
  • It’s a quick boost, instead of a drawn-out coffee.
  • It jumps starts my day!
  • I was probably seven the first time I had an espresso. Drinking espresso is a tradition I grew up with.
  • Nothing beats the aroma of freshly ground espresso beans!
  • It’s quicker than a coffee – the taste has a punch and doesn’t drown me like a cup of coffee.
  • It has less caffeine than drip coffee so that means I can have more!
  • I can put milk in it and have it for breakfast or drink it alone for an afternoon pick-me-up.
  • It’s a luxury I can make at home.