Meet our Team – Jaz Hackett

Posted 05.25.17

Jaz Hackett has always been fascinated with food. As a child he could be found in the kitchen with his mom, watching bread rise, baking cakes and muffins, fully immersed in the experience. Jaz joined the Verdicchio team, fresh out of College Boreal’s Culinary Management Program in 2015. Learn more about Jaz in the next of our Meet Our Team series. Find out more »

Those wild edibles – Fiddleheads

Posted 05.11.17

It’s a sure sign of spring in Sudbury when clusters of luscious green colour emerge from the fertile and moist soil. Covered in papery brown scales, these furled looney-sized vegetables are ferns, before they uncoil into fronds. And when picked at the right time, they are a delicious treat. Find out more »

Meet Our Team – Cathy Houghton

Posted 04.27.17

When Cathy Houghton is not serving tables and sharing her knowledge and passion for food and wine, her nose is in the books. Cathy finished her third year of a nursing degree. We couldn’t be more proud of her! Get to know Cathy in the first of our Meet our Team series. Find out more »

Reducing our carbon footprint

Posted 04.22.17

Happy Earth Day!

Tonight we mark the occasion with a dinner by candlelight. However, we have been practicing “green” initiatives at the restaurant for some time. Find out more »

Signs of spring

Posted 04.13.17

A spring day at Verdicchio Ristorante in photos.

Join us as we prepare for our Easter weekend celebration.


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Tap into the season – and our northern backyard

Posted 03.30.17

Maple syrup.

Just the name evokes so many childhood memories. Whether you remember eating pancakes while watching Saturday morning cartoons or waiting eagerly with your popsicle stick as warm syrup is drizzled on top of fresh snow, there’s nothing more Canadiana than maple syrup.

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