Meet Our Team – Cathy Houghton

Posted 04.27.17

When Cathy Houghton is not serving tables and sharing her knowledge and passion for food and wine, her nose is in the books. Cathy finished her third year of a nursing degree. We couldn’t be more proud of her! Get to know Cathy in the first of our Meet our Team series. Find out more »

Reducing our carbon footprint

Posted 04.22.17

Happy Earth Day!

Tonight we mark the occasion with a dinner by candlelight. However, we have been practicing “green” initiatives at the restaurant for some time. Find out more »

Signs of spring

Posted 04.13.17

A spring day at Verdicchio Ristorante in photos.

Join us as we prepare for our Easter weekend celebration.


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Tap into the season – and our northern backyard

Posted 03.30.17

Maple syrup.

Just the name evokes so many childhood memories. Whether you remember eating pancakes while watching Saturday morning cartoons or waiting eagerly with your popsicle stick as warm syrup is drizzled on top of fresh snow, there’s nothing more Canadiana than maple syrup.

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Let’s talk bitters, baby

Posted 03.09.17

An interview with Verdicchio’s mixologist and bartender on the resurgence of bitters in cocktail culture.

Bitters can transforms the appearance, flavour and aroma of a cocktail. Just a dash or two will balance flavours and add new dimension and depth to a mixed drink. Just ask Justin Trottier, mixologist and barkeeper at Verdicchio Ristorante.  Find out more »

What do our bees do in winter?

Posted 03.02.17

Last summer Verdicchio Ristorante welcomed new members to its team, honey bees.

With the help of Lively beekeeper Bob Dewar, we installed two hives on the rooftop of our west end establishment. We started with 10,000 bees per hive and by the end of summer, the population was thriving and… producing honey! Find out more »

Well Isn’t That the Bee’s Knees

Posted 06.15.15


Honey is rich in antioxidants, a natural sweetener and contains vitamins and minerals. No wonder we like to incorporate this golden liquid into our drink and dessert menus. But we don’t have to look very far to source honey, one of nature’s powerful superfoods. The number of amateur beekeepers in Greater Sudbury continues to grow – a weekend beekeeping workshop attracted some 40 participants eager to learn more about the process that dates back to ancient Egypt. Find out more »

Smelts are here!

Posted 05.19.15

Going smelt fishing is an annual spring tradition and growing up, a rite of passage for our family. Making the trek to Britt with my brothers and parents, we eagerly awaited the rush of fluttering fish as we stood in knee-deep icy cold water with our rubber boots.
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