Where are they now? Adam Kurkimaki

Posted 07.27.17

Adam Kurkimaki worked as a chef’s apprentice and line cook in our kitchen between November 2010 and September 2013. We caught up with him in Vancouver, B.C. to chat about where his career has taken him since leaving Verdicchio – and Sudbury –  four years ago. Find out more »

Cicchetti and aperitivi, oh my!

Posted 07.17.17

What are Cicchetti? 
Pronounced chee-KET-eeh, they are savoury snacks or side dishes typically shared among friends in late afternoon or evening, served in wine bars across Venice. Guess what? Now you can get them here.

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From moonscape to culinary landscape – Part 2

Posted 06.29.17

This is the second part in a series exploring the relationship between Verdicchio Ristorante | Enoteca with local farmers and producers.

We visited two farms recently – Triple Star Acres and Smart Greens Sudbury  – to learn about their farming methods and to chat about product availability. Look for their products on our menu.

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Light my fire!

Posted 06.16.17

Step onto our patio on the lunch hour and let yourself be transported to an authentic pizzeria somewhere in Italia. As the heat emanating from our wood-burning brick oven pulls you into the experience, sniff the burning maplewood. Peek inside and watch as fresh mozzarella cheese bubbles on top of tomato sauce and hand rolled dough baking on top of 400 Degrees Celsius bricks. It’s enough to make you drool! Find out more »

We have Negroni fever!

Posted 06.08.17

Ever try a Negroni? There couldn’t be a better time to try one – it’s international Negroni Week.

Here’s a little taste of how the classic drink came to be. We highly recommend reading this while enjoying one at our bar.

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Meet our Team – Jaz Hackett

Posted 05.25.17

Jaz Hackett has always been fascinated with food. As a child he could be found in the kitchen with his mom, watching bread rise, baking cakes and muffins, fully immersed in the experience. Jaz joined the Verdicchio team, fresh out of College Boreal’s Culinary Management Program in 2015. Learn more about Jaz in the next of our Meet Our Team series. Find out more »